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Wealth Management
Cash Flow Net Worth Projections

Wealth Management - Cash Flow Net Worth Projections

In the past few years, our notion of retirement has changed significantly. Some of today’s retirees are more active than ever, treating retirement as a new beginning to start a second career or pursue endeavors they have put off for the better part of their lives. Still others aspire to the more traditional notion of a relaxed retirement. While our perception of retirement is being reshaped, so too are the ways in which we plan for it. Today's retiree will likely need to tap a wider variety of resources than just the traditional fixed sources of income such as a pension and Social Security.


Understanding what you will need in your retirement is at the core of shaping a well-defined wealth management strategy. Ironview Capital Management will help you to achieve a comprehensive understanding of your current situation, determine what you will need in the future given your goals for lifestyle and legacy, and craft a well-defined strategy to help you achieve those goals.

Developing a robust retirement plan must cover a wide range of risks and potential outcomes. Some factors are specific to our clients: living longer than expected, untimely death in the accumulation phase of pre-retirement, or changes in health status. Other risks are more exogenous: increasing inflation, long-term economic malaise, or volatility in our client’s portfolios. As wealth managers we analyze a variety of client retirement income and risk management scenarios as well as investment return projections in order to understand how available resources will support cash flow under varying circumstances.

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