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Wealth Management
Strategic Annual Transaction
Based Tax Planning

Wealth Management - Strategic Annual Transaction Based Tax Planning

Virtually every financial decision has tax implications, and an important part of effective financial planning is a continual focus on tax planning. Our sensitivity to taxes is intertwined with our wealth management and investment advice. As wealth advisers, Ironview Capital Management understands that it is not what you make that matters most but rather what you keep. In line with this philosophy, our investment portfolios are deliberately structured to minimize tax leakage.

We routinely and consistently reduce our client’s taxes through tax-minimizing portfolio management techniques such as avoiding short-term capital gains, recognizing capital losses when appropriate, using appreciated securities for charitable giving, shifting income to children, and placing appropriate tax-heavy investments in IRAs and other qualified retirement accounts. In addition, we maintain strong relationships with outside advisors such as CPA’s and attorneys to help augment our existing knowledge base. Whether it is part of a long-term tax mitigation strategy or merely minimizing leakage on a particular transaction, we recognize that “tax season” is a full-time, year-round effort for our clients.

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