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Charitable Endeavors and

Wealth Management - Charitable Endeavors and Philanthropy

Many of our clients believe that one of the most significant parts of their legacy is charitable giving. Philanthropic endeavors can be as simple as annual giving to a religious organization or educational institution, or as complex as setting up a foundation. In one form or another, the activities of charitable organizations touch the lives of most of us, fulfilling many needs that may not otherwise be met through public programs. As individual wealth increases, more people are including charitable components within their estate plans. Some are seeking tax benefits, while others have purely personal motivations for giving.

We believe that philanthropic planning is part of a complete financial plan. Once people understand the options available to them as well as the tax, financial, and investment benefits, we have found that many, even those who may not have been charitable before, choose to provide for charity either through current gifts or through their estates. Ironview Capital Management works with its clients to outline their philanthropic goals, and implement a giving program that minimizes tax leakage and compliments our clients’ overall wealth management plans.

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