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Wealth Management
Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer

Wealth Management - Estate Planning/Wealth Transfer

Transferring your financial assets from one generation to another raises issues unique to your family and your circumstances, including items such as legacy definition, estate planning and multi-generational distributions. Creating a vision for the future you'd like to see is the launching point for your plan. By developing a definition of your legacy and then implementing the tools to support that legacy, you can create a culture of financial and social responsibility for your family and the generations to come.

To support your future vision, we provide services that meet your unique needs including:

  • Estate planning to ensure that your wishes are carried out

  • Mentoring and educating your family members to be good stewards of wealth

  • Facilitating the establishment and administration of trusts, from a simple irrevocable trust to a more complex generation-skipping trust so that your wealth continues to serve your family's goals for generations to come

  • Transferring wealth to your children, your grandchildren or other family members

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