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Group Retirement
Private Equity Fund Sponsors

Group Retirement - Private Equity Fund Sponsors

Private equity firms, as shareholders of private business and sometimes controlling shareholders, are exposed to the same business and personal liability as any plan sponsor, board member or corporate executive (see RISK MANAGEMENT).

Ironview's 3(38) and plan sponsor services (see PLAN SPONSORS) serve as a crucial risk mitigation tool for private equity funds and fund sponsors. In short, IronviewMBR's unique entity structure (Registered Investment Advisor) and unique expertise (ERISA 3(38) fiduciary) afford private equity fund Partners and Principals to the greatest protection afforded under ERISA. Permitting any other type of advisor, serving in any other advisory role, to remain on a portfolio company's 401(k) plan invites unnecessary and material monetary risk. Moreover, in most cases, plan participants, for whom the plan is run for their exclusive benefit, suffer as well through paying unnecessary fees and being bound to less efficiently diversified 401(k) investment menus


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